Karen Sweeney-Ryall

Karen Sweeney-Ryall. has worked as a Hospice Bereavement Coordinator supporting hundreds in grief, as well as understanding grief through the losses of her own father and first husband. Her topic, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, springs from these experiences. She loves to speak about our God-given unique identity and calling, as well as bringing purpose and beauty from the ashes of our difficult experiences with God's help. She is the author of the book, Revealing Your Treasures Hidden in Darkness.  Karen has been married to Roger for 29 years and has four grown children, five grand-children, two great grand-children.

She is a speaker and author and blogger at Becoming My Best Me.

Karen has a B.A. in Psychology and a certificate as a Life Coach as well as active as a small group and Bible study leader in her own church. 

She lives in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.